UV Flashlight – 100 LED Ultraviolet Handheld Inspection Blacklight


UV Flashlight – 100 LED Ultraviolet Handheld Inspection Blacklight

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UV Flashlight – 100 LED Ultraviolet Handheld Inspection Blacklight

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$19.99 $10.99

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100 LED ultraviolet light flashlight. This isn’t some rinky-dink pocket flashlight, this guy is big and beefy, hooking you up with some serious lumens.


Requires 100,000 “AA” batteries. Wait, scratch that… requires 6 “AA” batteries. 6. Not sure how I could have made such a massive rounding error, but there it is. And I’ve inexplicably left it in the product description.


This big beefy bad boy also includes a free pair of cool looking yellow glasses, so you can live out your CSI fantasies.


“Why the heck would I want a UV flashlight?”, I imagine you asking yourself. It’s simple, besides the obvious really cool crime scene investigation roleplay/costume application, this sweet stick of luminous luxury has the following mind-blowing functions:


You can detect pet urine. It’s probably great for making you never want to stay in hotels again, too.

You can totally trip out stoners.

You can charge glow in the dark stuff rather quickly. This is great for night fishing and for camping.

You can strap two of them to the sides of your head and pretend you’re an alien.

You can detect counterfeit money. Real money has strips that glow under UV light.

You can detect real money, too. Basically the same thing.

Apparently, it makes some rocks glow or something. I’ve just been informed that they’re called minerals.

You can reveal messages that have been written in invisible ink. There are secrets everywhere! Or not. Probably not. Better get yourself some invisible ink and fix that.

You can find leaks in an A/C system… if the coolant has a UV dye in it.


As you can see, you should probably buy like five of these things. Please? That tropical island isn’t going to buy itself.


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