Welcome to Derpy Deals. You’re probably here because you have questions. Questions like “Why is there a penguin?” “What is it about these deals that makes them derpy?” “Are these deals really that derpy? I’m on to you and your not-so-derpy deals, you sneaky so and so!” I can assure you that my deals are the derpiest allowed by law. If they were any derpier, the internet police would come and take us away. We’re putting our e-freedoms on the line for YOU!

All discussions of derp, penguins, and general derpiness aside, Derpy Deals is a tiny company based out of Phoenix, Arizona. A place where penguins are only owned by zoos and eclectic millionaires. We stock all of our products in our own warehouse, and we ship pretty much daily. There’s nothing derpy about our business model.

Why did we start derpy deals? Because we’re trying to take over the WORLD! (wide web).

How did we end up with the name Derpy Deals? Well, we really wanted something like “Crazy Ass Deals” , but of course, a name so perfect was claimed long ago by soulless businessmen. Too bad, we really wanted an insane donkey in the logo. But penguins are cool.

Derpy Deals is owned and operated by:

 Fast Deals USA LLC 


 4410 w union hills dr Ste 7-138

 Glendale, Az 85308